A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Install instructions

Install Instructions

SHARK - level one

[fade in]

It's the middle of the ocean. A small, amateur shark appears in the corner. It seems to have gotten separated from his mother. He is hungry but he does not know how to get the food he needs. 


SHARK sees a fish good enough to eat. The goal is to collect all the food on the screen. In the search for food, SHARK must avoid all the dangers of the ocean to an immature shark: CRAB, JELLYFISH, HOOK. SHARK must also swim through and around obstacles, such as SEAWEED and ROCK to pass through to the next level. 

To navigate SHARK, use the up, down, right, and left buttons on the keyboard to steer SHARK in the direction of the food. Be careful though, the food is known to swim away to avoid getting eaten. 

If SHARK  hits the CRAB, JELLYFISH, or HOOK it is GAME OVER and the kill screen appears. 

If SHARK successfully eats the food, avoid the obstacles, and passes through the rounded rock arch, LEVEL ONE is COMPLETE! Congratulations! 


SHARK update flash.stencyl 50 MB